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Airsoftguns.eu is devoted to an open diverse European airsoft market.

OPEN as in low-level entry. For airsoft-products (e.g. airsoft guns as regulated goods), airsoft-services (e.g. events), and participators. DIVERSE as in a great variety. Again of goods, service and people participating. 

Northwestern-Europe generally has strict gun laws. “Strict” as in restricting an  OPEN and DIVERS airsoft market. Mostly as an unintended negative side-effect. We believe that “Crowd-sourcing” is a promising way to alleviate and even lift some of these side-effects. 

Have a look at the running, as well as the suggested projects and suggested projects. Join in where you can and help realize the project.

You can also launch your own project.

Special mission

problem child

Looking at its airsoft-market, open and diverse is not easy to come by in GERMANY. If their muzzle energy exceeds 0,5 joule, airsoft guns are covered by German gun law. German gun law has a few oddities compared with the gun laws of… well the rest of the world.

The first project “F-mich….. im Fünfeck” deals with the effect these oddities have on importing airsoft guns to German. Don’t be surprised to see a few our projects concentrating on the German airsoft market as well. 

current projectS

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In this section you will find the current projects that you can participate in. By clicking on a project you will find details on its objectives and how you can participate in it! 

Here you will also find products that resulted from our projects (current or past). 

Please note that we are JUST GETTIN’ STARTED

F-mich im Fünfeck

In Germany EACH individual importer needs to register ALL individual airsoft models in its product range. Because of this, a lot of airsoft gun models are not (readily)available in the German market. By means of crowd-sourcing this project will change that situation. Find out how you can help!

Dark Emergency for Noobs: guns & guardians

Is nobody else distressed? DE-V 1500 Expected participants?! We already had 1500 this year! What happened to the 100+% growth rates of the first three editions? Where Keks his video’s better?

Help us save the Dark Emergency from ageing!

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suggested projects

Collaborate on the launch of these projects

In this section you will find projects initiated by our participants. Have a look at the overview, click on the projects that appeal to you and find out how you can help to realize them!